Tips on Moving House

he process of moving house is always a major chore, but with good and advanced planning, much of the hassle can be taken out of the process. There is always going to be a degree of chaos involved no matter how well you prepare. The prospect of searching through countless boxes for a relatively small item is not appealing.

The move can be viewed in two ways, a chore or an opportunity to sort through your possessions and either reorganise them or dispose of unwanted items. Whatever the size of your move, Van Rental Cork have the vans you need.

Research into the move is important. There are countless websites offering hints and tips on how to make the move as hassle free as possible. his article is designed to pull together all the best information on the Internet on the topic together in order to help you organise your move and make the process as painless as possible. The following is a time line leading up to the move:

Packing Boxes

The best method for packing boxes is to number them and keep a track of the number on a clip board. On the clipboard make a note of what exactly is in the box and which room in the new house it is destined for. Check each box out of the old house and into the new house. This method has a number of advantages. You have a complete list of what is in each box, and the correct boxes get moved to the correct room and you avoid having a pile up of miscellaneous boxes in the hall or sitting room.

Countdown: One Month

- Inform the post office of the impending change of address
- Book your van hire with Van Rental Cork
- Gather together all important documents such as medical records, title deeds and insurance forms etc
- Start using up food items

Countdown: 2 Weeks

- Inform utility companies of impending change of address
- Start Packing

Countdown: 1 Week

- Get all your appliances that you are going to be moving set up for the move
- Start packing and organizing

Moving Day

- Double check the house is empty
- Check the numbered boxes in and out of the houses
- Start unpacking boxes as they arrive