Commercial Van Rental Products Van Rental Cork offers a range of products and services that are aimed at supplying a comprehensive service to your business. All of our rentals are designed around your needs so get exact product you need. Renting a Van from Van Rental Cork avoids you having to deal with long term lease agreements, some of which can last for 5 years and can include stiff get out penalties if you needs happen to change.

Commercial vehicles in Ireland are expensive, and can be a big outlay for a SME, a expense that may not make sense in the long run as business models change so quickly in Ireland. The economic cost of under using a commercial vehicle can be a real handicap, particularly if your company moves in a different direction. With Van Rental Dublin, this isn't an issue as you can upgrade or downgrade as you need. This ability to be able to upgrade and downgrade your van at will can be a real help, particularly if you company experiences seasonal trends. Van Rental offers a service with peace of mind and reliability as the backbone of the business. Modern fleet, a large selection of vans, car vans, 4x4's and even tippers and small flat bed lorries. We offer a nationwide service with a dedicated corporate representative in all our offices and a wealth of experience.

Couple this with an all in daily, weekly or monthly cost which incorporates, hire, vehicle maintenance, road tax, 24 hour breakdown assist and replacement vehicle cover and we believe that we leave you alone to manage your own business whilst we manage your vehicles resulting in peace of mind and increased productivity and employee satisfaction.